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The Indian Paper Industry has evolved to a great extent. The industry has now emerged as self efficient to meet its domestic demand as well as export the products outside India. Currently there are over 750 pulp and paper mills in India. One of the major characteristics of the paper industry of India is high presence of small and medium sized paper mills.

The Paper Industry in India is expected to grow at the compound annual growth rate of around 9.6% during 2012 -2017, which will make the revenues of paper industry of India to reach at the value of around USD 11 Billion by 2017.

National PAPER EXPO 2019
Paper Expo

A Leading consulting firm in its latest report has observed that India has become an attractive market for the pulp and paper industry. “India has 15% of the world's population but consumes only 2% of the world paper. The demand is expected to grow between 6 - 7 % per annum with the packaging industry poised to grow between 22 to 25% annually. The report analysis the challenges on investing in India and says only 60% of the current paper making capacity is being used. It also advises companies considering entering the market to do so strategically.

The Paper Industry in India is currently passing through the phase in which the focus has been shifting towards the non wood raw material from the forest fibers for the production of paper and other related products.

The Growth in the GDP of India has helped the paper industry significantly. Growth in economy has led to the increase in manufacturing activities which has further led to the increase in the demand for paper products specially the paperboard as the paperboard are extensively utilized by the manufacturing sector for carrying out wide range of activity ranging from packing to storage and transportation etc.

The growth in the GDP has also led to the improvement in the purchasing power of the individuals due to which the lifestyle has changed considerably in India.

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